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Highest Converting Archetypes Product- Killing It On Cold Traffic

Highest Converting Archetypes Product- Killing It On Cold Traffic

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Dd, The Layers Have Been PEELED… Your Archetype Reveals The CORE Of Your True IDENTITY.

The Magician archetype is one that has forged deep connections with the universe… Amongst all the archetypes, the Magician is perhaps the most difficult to comprehend, and you’re well aware of that. You have a strong, unbreakable belief in your dreams, abilities, and yourself.

Truth be told, the Magician archetype is not merely one-dimensional. It has many different sides and faces, and as we progress through this Archetypal Introduction, you’ll begin to understand what I mean. But before we proceed, please do so with with an open mind, and a willing heart.

The Magician archetype is one of profound knowledge and intellect. You excel when it comes to deciphering patterns, breaking codes, and resolving problems. Your analytical ability and logical approach to everything makes you a reliable and efficient problem solver.

That, however, also means that you have tendency to be rather distant, even though you’re able to recognize the most intricate details about people. You instinctively know who to trust, and who to look out for. Others might label you as judgmental or perhaps a little too critical, but your deductions are often, or almost always right.

But what really sets you apart is your fearlessness and ferocity when it comes to the ideas and beliefs that you’re passionate about. It’s no wonder that the people you encounter are left with a strong impression.

Dd, there is a strong sense of discipline within you. Unlike other archetypes, you’re not afraid of hardwork, and you’re not afraid of suffering. Rather, you thrive on it.

You have a strange appreciation for pain, but not in the same way as a masochist. Your appreciation for pain stems from associating it with growth and advancement – an appreciation that pushes you forward.

People find themselves drawn to you because of your ability to engage in deep, thoughtful conversations. The bonds that you forge with others is often something they’ve never experienced before.

Your deep understanding of feelings and approachable appearance makes you a warm and comforting presence to be around.

This puts you at a great advantage when it comes to achieving the things that you set your mind to. You’re the type of person who reaches for the stars, and you have no intention of falling amongst the clouds.

Amongst all the archetypes, the Magician is the most cunning and crafty… You’re able to influence the decisions of others without them knowing. Your methodical when it comes to planning your steps, and you always seem to be one step ahead.

You tend to make an excellent listener… But that trait of yours comes from knowing that information is power. You’re slow to reveal your innermost thoughts… You’re a firm believer of revealing just enough, but absorbing more than you need.

The Magician archetype is one that also has the tendency to become manipulative and scheming. For the most part, you do exercise compassion and your heart’s often in the right place. But it’s also important to learn to be forgiving and patience, Dd

But we’ll discuss that in greater detail as we progress through this Archetypal Introduction.

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