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From: Chad Thompson

Dear Frustrated Dog Owner,

If you are like millions of other dog owners, you are having behavior related issues with your pup. It’s bound to happen. The problem isn’t you, it’s the misinformation that is out on the web pertaining to how to train your dog.

Most dogs have issues that stem from a few main causes. Think about it like this, if your dog has a digging problem, he probably also has an anxiety problem. If your dog doesn’t like other dogs, he probably also has a fear or dominance issue.

So it makes sense that most dog training material does not work. You can’t rid your dog of excessive barking if you don’t know why he’s barking!

But you’ve come to the right place by landing on this page. I’m going to explain how to cure your dog’s issues once and for all, in less than ten days! There’s no fluff there, less than ten days or you get every cent back – Guaranteed.

Does Anything Out There Actually Work?!

You’ve probably tried everything, maybe even a professional trainer. But the problem still remains. It’s similar to a human experience. If you broke a bone, would you just take an aspirin for the pain or would you want your broken bone fixed??

Almost every dog training product on the market only treats the symptoms. That’s what “expert” dog trainers teach. They aren’t interested in getting rid of your dog’s behavior problems forever, or they will be out of business.

Well, that’s all changing with a new training guide and course that has helped over 11,000 dog owners rid their dog’s behavior issues forever.

And I mean ALL the behavior issues. Everything including:

Chewing – End the destructive chewing of your household and personal items

Housebreaking – Get your dog to head to the door and signal for you when he or she has to go outside

Listening to Commands – Stop the worry and frustration over not being able to have your dog off leash and in complete control (your neighbors and friends will be REALLY impressed)

Digging – Eliminate the ugly and costly destruction of your lawn and garden

Excessive Barking – End the mind numbing barking and howling while you are home or even when you are not with your dog

Aggression Towards Children

Pulling on a Leash – Enjoy long (and pleasant) walks with your dog. Stop being pulled all over the neighborhood

Being Afraid of New or Strange People – Finally your dog will be friendly and eager to meet other people in a calm and pleasant manner

Fear of Other Dogs – You dog needs friends, learn how to properly introduce your dog to other dogs without a single issue

Begging for Food – You dog must learn that your food belongs to you and only you. Enjoy how your dog lays in a spot away from you when you are eating.

Excessive Licking – Kisses are great but excessive licking is gross and leads to other, more obsessive behavior’s

Chasing Small Animals – Remove the inappropriate prey drive from your dog

Separation Anxiety – Learn how to end the whining, barking and escape techniques associated with separation anxiety in 10 days or less!

Jumping up on People – It may be cute when they are puppies but dog should not, under any circumstances, jump on people. It’s dangerous and can injure both children and adults


Okay, you get the picture right. If you take a look at that list, those are all symptoms, they are not the cause.

For example, if a dog chews up your couch, it’s not because he has a “couch chewing” problem, it’s a symptom of the dog having excess energy. The excess energy is the root cause.

See, these problems are not difficult to solve once you understand the root causes! And there are only a few root problems so it is much easier to control your dog and have the dog of your dreams than you may think.

Let Me Tell You What You DON’T Need:

Without these three key ingredients, your dog can be dangerous at his or her worst or downright embarrassing at his or her best.

This Is What You Are Going To Learn With No Nonsense Dog Training:

How to Get Your Dog to Listen to Your Every Command Regardless of ANY distraction that may be around you.

How to Stop Excessive Barking at cars strangers or anything in the general vicinity!

How to end the embarrassing jumping on visitors to your home and strangers in the neighborhood

How to stop the destruction of your personal property allowing you to leave your dog home alone without the worry of coming home to evaluate the damage

How to end begging and get your dog to go and lay in any place in the house you want while you eat.

I already know what you are thinking having listened to many clients. I can actually hear it now “This guy has never met my dog, this is impossible!”.

Well, I completely understand where you are coming from. But I have yet to be able to train a dog to be completely obedient without hitting, bullying or intimidating the dog in any way.

Get Immediate Access To The Good Dog Mini-Course Right Now!

We will never share your personal information

The No Nonsense Dog Training Course Has A 60 Day Guarantee and Has Never Had A Single Refund Request…EVER! Because It Works Every Time!

In fact, the No Nonsense Dog Training Course has never had a single refund request. Not One! And it’s because this method works better than any other course on the market and I guarantee it.

A dog is the ideal student because they are quick to learn and very opportunistic. They love to be trained if their teacher is able to understand how they learn!

No Nonsense Dog Training will teach you the core principles of how dogs learn, core issues that cause the behavioral problems that are driving your crazy and how simple, easy to learn methods can end this behavior forever.

Dog Training is A Multimillion Dollar Business Resulting in A LOT of Misinformation!

How many times have you heard you have to be the Alpha in the house? Or you have to dominate your dog to get your dog to listen! Or to establish yourself as the pack leader, your dog has to fear you!

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. Don’t let television shows or dog training books lead you down the wrong path. Those resources are focused on the short term, not curing your dog of the core problems that are causing any symptoms you are seeing.

There Seems To Be 5 Main Myths Surrounding Dog Training And How To Control Your Dog:

MYTH #1 — You need to use a choke collar to leash train your dog.

This is stupid. Choke collars do exactly what they say — they cut off your entire dog’s air supply! Needless to say, it’s extremely dangerous and you can do serious damage to your dog’s oesophagus!

MYTH #2 — You need a prong (spike) collar to train “tough” or “aggressive” dogs.

This is stupid, too. Prong collars have spikes that jab into your poor dog’s neck every time you jerk the leash. And you know what? Those collars were designed to mimic the bite of another dog! And as you know if you’ve seen a dog fight, aggression begets more aggression.

Only experienced, trained dog professionals should be using prong collars — and only for special situations! The average dog owner should NEVER be advised to use these collars!

MYTH #3 — You need an electronic shock collar to stop your dog’s barking.

This one really pisses me off. It’s EASY to stop a dog’s barking without using something as inhumane as SHOCKING! And you know what?

Studies show that these shock collars only work a small percentage of the time anyway, and the dog just learns to be afraid of the collar! Never mind the serious damage these collars do to your dog’s immune system!

MYTH #4 — You need to dominate your dog by using physical force (smacking, hitting, choking).

In the wild, a pack leader doesn’t suddenly overreact and beat its pack members into the ground. If the pack leader did this in their natural habitat, the rest of the pack would attack the alpha because it would be showing nervous or angry energy (unbalanced energy), which dog’s simply do not respond to.

A pack leader is calm, consistent, and fair. So hitting your dog won’t win his respect — it’ll just make him fearful of you!MYTH #5 — You need to YELL at your dog, so it perceives you as tough.

Yikes. This is just dumb as well. To a dog, yelling sounds like panicked barking — which confirms in their mind that something is wrong! A good trainer can easily control their dog with a quiet whisper and hand signals. (I’m going to show you how to control your dog’s every move very easily with ONLY hand signals.)

Learn How To Control Your Dog Without Getting Angry Or Frustrated – It’s Easy!

I know from training dogs for over a decade that trying to train a dog with fear DOES NOT WORK! In fact, it’s actually counter-productive. When a dog is scared, it actually prevents him or her from learning because they are in fight or flight mode.

They are trying to figure out how to get out of that situation, not trying to understand what you are telling her to do! If you see a lunatic in a parking lot waving a gun around, do you stop to listen and see what he wants? Or do you get the hell outta there?!

Yelling and hitting your dog is no different in their minds.

So instead of having a well behaved dog that loves you and would give his life for you, Instead, your dog will be scared of you. He’ll cower and grovel submissively on the floor every time you make a fast movement towards him… and he’ll always be looking for a way to escape your company.

Is this the kind of relationship you want with your dog? Of course not…

Take 30 Seconds And Think About How You Would Like Your Dog To Behave….Does It Sound Something Like This?

Your dog, a trusting loyal friend; calm and happy walks in the neighborhood or at the park; you, your pup and your family enjoying time out in the fresh air with nothing to worry about.

Stopping to speak with other dog owners, sharing funny stories about the dogs while they play and run together, new best friends.

While you are home your dog is a pleasure to spend time with; when a friend or family member comes over, you are not riddled with anxiety and stress. No barking, jumping or hyperactivity.

After a long day at work, your dog calmly waits for you to greet him when you are ready, without becoming over-excited or running for the open door.

Imagine, in the evening, your dog relaxing at your feet. Slowly closing her eyes as you stretch out on the couch to watch a movie or the television.

How Much Peace Of Mind Would You Gain From A Well Behaved Dog That Listens??

This is what your experiences with your dog should be like. By making simple changes to your lifestyle, body language and training techniques, you can communicate with your dog in a calm manner that he/she will understand and you will become your dog’s best friend.

The No Nonsense method allows you to live in harmony with your trusted friend. This can be your reality. With non-confrontational, stress-free, gadget-free methods you will be able to achieve a life just like this with your dog.

The Only Complete Dog Training Solution You Will Ever Need!

Our complete solution will first give you access to all our eBooks that explain the concepts behind effective, positive, humane and fun dog training. After you have the knowledge from the books, we get down to your specific needs.

Again, remember that the most powerful aspect of this course is that it solves the root cause of canine problems. Excessive barking, dog aggression, poor recall and chewing your house apart, and so on are all symptoms.

Do not make the mistake of thinking they are only isolated issues. This course will stop those behavior’s, but it will also teach you a new way to look at dog behavior, why problems arise and how to stop them before they happen…Forever.

I find my newest clients are usually pretty desperate to fix at least ONE big problem with their dog that’s disrupting their lives.

I don’t care what the problem is, whether your dog…

I’m going to teach you how to tap into your dog’s natural canine instincts, work with Mother Nature and manipulate his behavior.

You won’t hit your dog. You won’t drag your dog. You won’t shove his nose in poop. And there will be absolutely NO YELLING!

Many dog trainers are actually just Internet marketers posing as dog trainers offering an endless list of books, videos, bonuses, etc to try to entice you to buy their product.

They want you to believe you are getting a real bargain when all you are getting is a bunch of fluff. The result is you don’t know where to begin or when to do anything!

So With The No Nonsense Dog Training Program Its Simple:

The Easy Dog Walk – The walk, in your dog’s mind is very important. And you know what, he’s right! The walk creates a great bond between you and your dog. But it has to be done right. You probably hate walking your dog because she pulls you all over and doesn’t listen. This book will end that behavior with a few simple to learn techniques. You will end pulling in one day!

Attacking the Root Cause 6 Week Course – This Critically Acclaimed Dog Training Course is delivered right to your inbox one lesson at a time so you can master each aspect of training the right away. Many times, if you dog has one specific issue you want to address, you will rush to try and fix it. But that is counter-productive and won’t work. There is a process to getting the dog you’ve always wanted.

“You Don’t Have To Take My Word For it, Read What Other People Are Saying About NNDT”

“Chad, Oh my gosh how do you know this stuff?! I never thought about any of this but it makes perfect sense! I hate to say this but I thought about giving Simpson away but by week 3 of your program and after reading Become The Respected Leader he was different. He actually listens to me! We are both thankful I found your site. Your connection with dogs is remarkable!” 🙂

~Michael WallSyracase, NY

~Sarah MartinMorgantown, WV

~John KennedySarasota, FL

“I don’t know if you will get this or if you will read it but I have to write. The changes in my dog are nothing short of incredible. I’m not even exaggerating. I was told by a vet and a “professional” dog trainer that Max had to be put down or he would bite and I’d get sued. You were my last resort. I tried dogproblems.com and many others but nothing was like what I was reading in your training material. I cannot believe what you are teaching isn’t mainstream. This stuff is unbelievable. I’m going to buy another course as a tip for you! Attached is a picture of my new dog!

Get Immediate Access To The Good Dog Mini-Course Right Now!

We will never share your personal information

Here’s The Bottom Line On This Incredible Dog Training Resource:

Why spend hours and hours tracking down dog training information that may or may not be reliable when you can learn what you need to know about using it to improve your life and the life of your dog from one convenient, comprehensive course?

No Nonsense Dog Training will save you from a lot of hard work and frustration, not to mention money! This is your chance to quickly and easily learn:

With My Unconditional 100% “No Nonsense Money-Back Guarantee”, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose!

I am so sure that you will love the No Nonsense Dog Training Program that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee. Yes, if your dog is not the perfect companion 2 months from now, I will promptly refund every penny you pay, no questions asked, No Nonsense!

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me at any time within 60 days and I will refund your money, in full. That’s how confident I am that my system has the answers you’ve been looking for.

That’s 2 whole months to put this ebook to the test! I don’t think I can be any fairer than that. Either get the information you need to use No Nonsense Dog Training to begin improving your dog’s behavior or get your purchase price back!

Plus, don’t forget, if you order my No Nonsense Dog Training Program you can take advantage of my immediate download feature to begin reading and benefiting from the course’s expert advice and comprehensive information in just minutes!

To order, simply click on the order now button below.   

Chad ThompsonCanine Behavior Expert

P.P.S: Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. So grab this special price while you can! If No Nonsense Dog Training isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me and I will refund your money immediately.

Still questioning whether this program is right for you? Email me at [email protected] to discuss how this program can benefit you in particular.

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Click here to get No Nonsense Dog Training at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

No Nonsense Dog Training is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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