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The BEST Help for Morning Sickness

The BEST Help for Morning Sickness

Product Name: The BEST Help for Morning Sickness

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 How fast did the remedy work? How are you feeling this morning? Right now? Last night?

Common morning sickness thoughts:

“I’m tired of feeling so sick.”

“I’ve tried everything people have suggested and it hasn’t helped me; now what?”

“How do I know what to buy? I don’t want to waste my money on buying something that doesn’t work.”

”Is my Baby OK if I can’t take my prenatals because they make me gag?”

“My nose is extremely sensitive to smells which makes me more nauseous.”

“I am feeling so miserable, and people don’t understand because I look better than I feel.”

“I want to have energy, again.”

“My doctor told me I have Hyperemesis Gravidarum. Where do I find help?”

Most likely, you have experienced ONE or more of these situations with your morning sickness: 

A personal letter to YOU..                                                                                                                                

My name is Wendy Shaw and I live with my husband and 10 children in the Sierra Nevada mountains in CA. I want to congratulate you on your pregnancy. The fact that you are feeling a little discomfort is usually a very good sign your pregnancy is going well. However, if your nausea is anything like mine was – you are tired of feeling sick! Most likely, you haven’t been able to find anything that really works to reduce your discomfort. You may have trouble sleeping at night, or are possibly finding it hard to eat or drink anything. And, the nausea could even be disrupting your normal routines.

My nausea started within a few weeks after my first early pregnancy confirmation, and it was so severe I had continual waves of nausea and vomiting day and night. I was so excited for this pregnancy, but not prepared for the nausea lifestyle that came with it. Both concerned friends and family weren’t sure how to help. And, no doctor seemed to truly understand how I was feeling.

Right off, I want you to know TWO really important things:

First, friends, family, or medical staff may not be able to relate to your level of nausea, or understand how you feel or know what you need. Many moms struggling with nausea often feel misunderstood. But, you’re not alone in what you are experiencing! And, there is help!

Second, it takes a tremendous amount of time, effort, money, & energy to test out all the different nausea theories and corresponding remedies.  I’ve discovered why some things work and why some could work with a few minor adjustments. If even one of my basic tips are practiced, some nausea relief may be acquired. Nausea can be reduced, if not eliminated altogether, through proper knowledge and support.

I wish I could talk to you personally! The next best thing was to write down all the things I know for you first hand. The valuable tips and resources I had to learn the hard way, you can have easily! With the accumulation of 20 years of experience, and 11 pregnancies, I learned many things through my experiences, both about remedies and how to help people!! I put together an A-Z glossary of  over 100 remedies from moms in different cultures from around the world, along with important remedy tips to help you make an informed decision.

Plus, when my husband took an astronaut training course and received a Master’s degree in Space Studies, we learned about anti-nausea techniques from NASA, and they blended so beautifully with what I had also been discovering about pregnancy nausea. (One of these tips I share with you as you scroll down).

My years of research and experience, and love for you, the pregnant mama, are finally attainable in a quickly downloadable ebook for fast easy access right now. And it comes with a no questions asked, money back guarantee!! So, you really have nothing to lose – except nausea!

In a few minutes, you’ll receive over 100 “Mom-tested” remedies for nausea relief and wise tips for best utilizing the remedies. The Morning Sickness Handbook is  the BEST book possible to have in your hands when you are queasy!

All the Best to you and your Baby!

Get the most info & support!

I’ve got Good News for you! After following a few basic principles & simple strategies you can avoid getting caught in the plummeting “nausea spiral” that so many accidentally fall into.

While reading through common “morning sickness” sites some suggestions are given, but you need my exclusive remedy list, personal coaching and effective tips on how to use any remedy. There ARE strategies to help manage nausea.

Some popular tips can be effective, like getting a certain amount of rest, using lemons, and staying hydrated.

But, did you also know…

Staying hydrated is important, but when you drink water it’s best to sip small amounts slowly over a period of time, rather than all at once? And, never drink water while eating? Colder water is better? Do you know ways to stay hydrated without actually drinking any water?

Or, you are told lemons are a helpful scent. But, the essential oil lemongrass can be more powerful than a real lemon when using it to overcome nausea? And, synthetic lemon smells can make your nausea much, much worse?

Have you heard of “nausea distractions” and how to use them to best help you distract your nausea?

The 4 DO NOT’s and the 8 DO’s NASA learned about nausea during their astronaut training program and how it can help you.

Don’t buy these: The remedies that are definitely a total waste of your money.

The 1 gigantic mistake moms make when trying out any remedy.

The 5 basic facts every nauseous mom needs to know to discover relief from her nausea.

Why a remedy that worked for someone else may not work well for you.

Natural remedies that are completely safe (even healthy for baby) and ones that could be harmful.

How nausea affects baby’s health.

Help for those who haven’t been able to take their prenatal vitamins.

Learn how to brush your teeth without gagging.

What you may be doing that could increase your nausea.

What are ‘nausea distractions’?

Bonus: Over 15+ Family management tips.

NASA Astronaut Tip #1: When a nausea sensation comes on….DO press your feet against a solid surface, such as a headboard when lying in bed.

Read more NASA “Do’s” and “Do Not’s” listed in my book!

Some “C” suggestions taken from a page in the A-Z Glossary:

Chiropractor.  Keep your body in optimum health and balance by including chiropractic care in your preventative health maintenance plan.  It may deter the nausea from being that much worse when spine is aligned correctly.

Chlorophyll. Liquid. 1 tablespoon per 8 oz. glass of water. For micronutrients.

Cleansing. Is nausea from built up toxins in your system? I highly recommend cleansing before pregnancy as it does help to aid your liver in fighting off any present toxins. But there are gentle cleansing options while you are pregnant: lemon in water, milk thistle, nettle. You can juice cilantro, cholrela or alfalfa.

Coconut Oil. Therapeutic dose 2-3 Tbsp./day.  Mix in with something else (organic applesauce?), or let it dissolve in your mouth a little at a time. Drizzle or spread on anything and everything. (Read, “Coconut Cures,” by Bruce Fife).

Cola Syrup, Coca-Cola. Some women have taken this to feel better.  I highly recommend healthier versions! There are lots of options. You may want to try it as a cold slushy.

Crackers (or any bland food). For lesser degrees of nausea. Using bland foods as part of a remedy line-up should be tried, but it isn’t something that works as a stand alone for more severe Moms. In HG circles, flippant advice to just eat crackers can be disheartening and has its own term – being “crackered.” 

Take the “Morning Sickness Moments” quiz in “The Morning Sickness Handbook” to help determine your best remedy!

The Morning Sickness Handbook not only reveals both popular and little known remedies, but also helps “coach” you on the best way to use them. You can learn to how to safely and effectively relieve your nausea, and feel good once again. How can anyone overcome something that they are not told everything about? Part of achieving relief is having the right information.

Get quick info to share with friends & family. Help others know what you’re going through with these articles…

“4 Things to NEVER Assume about a Mom with Nausea.”

“10 Ways to HELP a Mom who is Feeling Queasy.”

“8 Comments to never SAY to a Mom who is Overcoming Nausea…and What to Say Instead.”

These are the MOST Common Misconceptions about Morning Sickness:

Morning Sickness Myth #1: Morning Sickness occurs in the morning.

Not true. Nausea can occur at any time of the day or night. And can outlast the best of us, if not kept in check.

Morning Sickness Myth #2: Morning Sickness is a sickness.

Wrong. Nausea in pregnancy is not a sickness, but a condition. And, it is actually a good sign your body is doing what it needs to do to support a growing baby. Although, that doesn’t mean the nausea has to stay along for the ride! You can find safe & effective ways to relieve it.

Morning Sickness Myth #3: Morning Sickness will go away if you eat crackers.

Not for everyone. Only if you have a very, very light case of it. If this has not worked for you, then you will be greatly enabled by reading, “The Morning Sickness Handbook.” I give you realistic info.

My book offers you a full understanding, valuable information and helpful resources for you to save time & money on achieving your nausea relief.

Immediate Download. 8 week (56 day) Guarantee!100% Money-Back No Risk Guarantee!

Your Free Gift: “Blessing Your Baby.” 

Even in its mother’s womb, a baby is impacted by the outside world. Surprising facts! Did you know an unborn baby is already….

Grimacing at your common food choices?

Showing definite preferences in music?

Influenced by your spoken words and attitudes?

Benefiting in 8 different ways from your exercise routine?

Responding to sounds, light, and touch?

Affected by your stress levels?

Imprinted to distinguish you, from all others?

Over 100 Remedies. Encouragement. Inspirational Anecdotes. Wisdom. Effective Strategies!

Receive MORE than a list of 100 Remedies, plus strategies to outsmart nausea…Gain instant advice, encouragement and support to be on your way to become nausea-FREE!

And THEN, please contact me after reading the book and tell me your story! I’d love to hear how you’re doing!!

You don’t risk one cent because you’re covered by my …8 week (56 day) Guarantee! 100% Money-Back No Risk Guarantee!Order the e-book, and give it your own personal “test run”. Take a full full 8 week (56 day) Guarantee, and use them as your own. If you don’t find immediate support and information …or if for any other reason you’re not completely satisfied …simply send me an email directly… and I’ll rush you a complete refund of every cent. No questions asked. No hassle. No delay.  All this can be yours. The book with over 80 tips, plus free calendar. And you’re totally protected by my no questions asked guarantee.Realistically, your options are this: 1. You can leave the website right now and hunt for as much free info as you can, and mostly be none the wiser about how you’re really going to manage the nausea you’ve got, Or… 2. You can take the short cut to all the information you need and purchase my books. If you get the books and they don’t do everything I’ve told you, if they don’t help you even slightly in managing your morning sickness, you can request an immediate and full refund. You don’t even have to give a reason.If you like the sound of option 2, then you can order safely using your credit card by clicking on the button below which will take you to a secure order form. This package really can help you find the information and support you are needing to help you with your Morning Sickness. Contact Me

* Due to the varying degree of personal levels of nausea, some may find complete relief while others may benefit more from the support and encouragement. None of the information or products on this website are designed or implied to treat, diagnose or take the place of being under the care of a qualified medical doctor. Information found here represents my personal experiences. 

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Click here to get The BEST Help for Morning Sickness at discounted price while it’s still available…

All orders are protected by SSL encryption – the highest industry standard for online security from trusted vendors.

The BEST Help for Morning Sickness is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.

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